Land Stewardship

The Urban Ecology Center’s Land Stewardship team improves habitat on over 72 acres of urban land, vastly expanding opportunities for outdoor science and recreation.

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This volunteer-powered, community-engaging restoration work has helped reclaim hundreds of acres of land along the Milwaukee River Corridor, the Menomonee River, and in Washington Park.

By removing invasive species, planting a greater diversity of appropriate native species, and mitigating erosion, the UEC is restoring ecosystems which support more wildlife and create healthy outdoor classrooms.

ROOT (Restoring Our Outdoors Together)

Step outside and get your hands dirty on projects like: replacing invasive species with native plants, trail maintenance, erosion control, and more.

Volunteers learn how to heal the land, rehabilitate degraded ecosystems, and the importance of native plants and plant communities as habitat for birds, mammals, and important pollinators.

Restoring Our Outdoors Together

A group of ROOT volunteers removing invasive species at Washington Park.

Root takes place in all four seasons, rain or shine! 

This drop-in volunteer opportunity is available at all three of our branches.


Why It Makes a Difference

Our Land Stewardship team engages thousands of volunteers in its efforts, and in the process, participants are able to take ownership of our shared public places while providing ecological health and dynamic recreational opportunities for our local community.

This community stewardship is paying off - we're witnessing the return of a wide variety of species to our land! These improved natural areas in turn have greater historical, educational, and inspirational value.

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