We love adventure here at the Urban Ecology Center, and while we usually encourage the exploration of our own backyards, we know that some of the greatest adventures happen when you heed the call of the wild and journey far from home.

Urban Ecology Center’s Eco-travel trips are designed to get you out into nature around the world. We believe that the best experiences happen when you get to visit somewhere wonderful in the company of someone who is excited to share it with you.

Our philosophy is simple: engage participants in amazing natural experiences in national and international locations while supporting local economies and conservation efforts. The “Eco” part of our travel is shown in how we respect and support the areas we travel to.

Our trips take you into the heart and culture of an area. You’ll experience breathtaking views, awesome wildlife sightings, and birds that go on your lifetime list. In addition, you’ll enjoy local cuisine, attractions specific to that area, and accommodations that are comfortably off the beaten path.

Our Eco-travel program lets you roam away from home while getting the same focus on nature, education, community, and fun that informs everything we do. And because our trips are led by Center staff members who have lived in or traveled extensively through the area you'll explore, you've assured the kind of intimate, off-the-beaten-path experience that comes from traveling with a local.

Come with us on our next Eco-travel trip!

Costa Rica - Accessible Adventure

August 1-11, 2024

Join us for a trip designed for people with disabilities and those who need a slower pace. Discover the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

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A view of the Washington Park building from across the Washington Park lagoon