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Whatever your event entails, the Urban Ecology Center is uniquely equipped to provide the perfect venue for your day.

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What sets us apart?

We operate with the environment in mind

Our spaces proudly integrate green building techniques such as photovoltaic cells, green roofing and rainwater collection systems, geothermal heating and consistent use of recycled building materials. These features are not only functional and help us keep costs low (so we can then pass those savings on to you), they are also great conversation pieces and teaching tools.

No hidden fees!

As an organization that strives to build community and promote environmental justice, we aim for transparency. What does this mean for you? No unexpected costs or rate hikes! That’s right -- we offer the use of our place settings and utensils, commercial-grade kitchen, AV equipment, parking lot, and furniture at no additional cost. Our rental rates are straightforward and easy to understand - just email us at for pricing and policy information!

Choose us and you choose to support our mission, too!

Rental-generated revenue goes toward supporting our mission to provide innovative, enriching environmental education to urban youth, adults and families. In a time when voting with your dollar is important, this is an investment you can feel good about.

Want more information? Contact our Facility Rentals Department at